Child Seat

Child seats available for children on request

Airport taxi cab service in Needham, MA provides you with child seats available for children of all age groups at the most affordable rate. Hence ensuring the safety of your child. So you can make a request for child seats at the time of booking our taxi cab ride.

Our child seats are properly sanitized and well maintained. So your child can be comfortable and you would not have to worry about your child. You can safely travel with them in our presence. We have Rear-facing infant seats, forward-facing toddler seats, and backless booster seats for your child. And if you are still not sure about what will be the appropriate child seats for your child at the time of booking, you can mention your child’s weight and height and our taxi cab service will provide you the appropriate child seat accordingly, however this will cost you a little extra charge. Travel with Needham Airport Taxi Cab.

One must pay close attention while traveling with your child whether infant or toddler. Precautions are necessary no matter how good the vehicle is or how skilled the driver. But the safety and comfort of your child comes first. With our taxi cab service you can now be assured by choosing from varieties of different child seats. With our comfortable child seats and excellent service your child can have a safe ride at any distance travelled. Travel with Needham Airport taxi cab.

Infants/child seats

  • Rear facing infant seats :- All infants and toddlers should travel only in rear facing infant seats until they have reached the highest weight or height as allowed by the car safety seat manufacturer.
  • Forward facing toddlers seats :- All children who have outgrown rear facing infant seats weight and height limit only they should ride the forward facing toddlers seats with the harness as long as possible, up till the they have reached the highest weight and height limit as allowed by the car safety seat manufacturer.
  • Booster seats :- children who exceed the highest weight and height limit for the forward facing toddlers seats should ride the booster seats until car seats fit them perfectly.